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Evening on the Ganges: Live Indian Raga


Sacred Arts Research invites you to an intimate gathering celebrating the rich tradition of Indian Classical Music. 

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere resonant of an era where court musicians performed for royalty in Indian palaces. Our concerts are intimate, like that of a palace music chamber, giving the audience and musicians an opportunity to connect, ask questions and speak to the inspiration and history of the music being shared. Enjoy the deep meditation that only classical Indian raga can bring! 

On September 27th we will have a Sitar and Tabla concert featuring:

  • KG Westman - Sitar

  • Mir Naqibul Islam - Tabla 

This event is a $20 suggested donation. All funds go to support the musicians and future programing at SARF. No one will be turned away for lack of funds and we appreciate your support! 

Evening on the Ganges September 27th
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K.G. Westman

K.G. Westman is one of Europe´s foremost sitar players in the field of north Indian classical and semi classical music. As a senior disciple of Pandit Rabindra Narayan Goswami he has performed in India, Sri Lanka, Europe, USA and Russia as well as for radio and T.V.

Due to training in both Indian and western music, he also makes an excellent teacher and conductor of workshops regardless of the background of the participants.

K.G. Westman is one of the founders and main organizers of the Stockholm Sangeet Festival, Scandinavias most prestigious event for Indian classical music and dance, which has run for over a decade.

The interest in Indian music began when his father moved to Kerala in 1996. Already an accomplished guitar player and recording artist, in 2004 he started to learn the basics of sitar technique, raag and taal. First with Stian Grimstad and then with Anil Singh before he was accepted as a student of Goswamiji. He has since then returned to him every year for learning new raagas and to deepen the understanding of the art.

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Mir Naqibul Islam

Mir Naqibul Islam-An avid student of Tabla, Mir has trained in the traditional guru shisya style of Indian Classical music from Pt. Ashoke Paul, disciple of the great tabla guru Pt. Jnan Prakash Ghosh. Now living and working in New York city, he performs regularly with musicians from a wide variety of other genres, bringing tabla to Jazz, Middle-Eastern music and other contexts. By listening, learning and playing with musicians from around the globe, Mir is developing a unique musical aesthetic bringing together the musical influences of traditional Farukhabad style tabla and 21st century New York. Mir have studied with Pt. Gopal Mishra and Pt. Suresh Talwalkar in past and continuing his talim with the great Farukhabad Mastero Pt Anindo Chatterjee.