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Songs for the Slavic Spirit with guest teacher Maria Sołtys (+LIVE BROADCAST)

We welcome guest teacher Maria Sołtys from the Slavic Lands of Poland for a very special Sacred Song School Class. This class begins at 1 pm and ends at 3pm.

The Sacred Arts Research Foundation and Golden Drum Community members have been cultivating their connection to sacred sound, chanting, mantra, folkloric and healing songs from around the world. They are a community of ethnomusicologists that are enthusiastic about sharing sacred songs that have been passed to them through studies with different communities from around the world. 10% of all classes are donated to charities and organizations in need of support.

Under the guidance and inspiration of Maestro Manuel Rufino, Taino Elder & world director of M.A.I.S.C, they have come together to create an educational platform for sacred songs to be learned. 

Music is one of the deepest forms of prayer and healing that we carry with us throughout our lives. To learn, carry and sing a sacred song is an ability we all have, we simply need to tap into it. In our school, we invite you to tap into your own ability to use sacred song as a study, practice and way of prayer and expression. We will create an environment that promotes the development and learning of traditional sacred songs from all around the world.  Each class will focus on a selection of songs, where we will learn the pronunciation, translation, and intention of the songs, as well as covering the melodic and rhythmic structure of singing the song. 

Please bring a journal and pencil so that you may keep a record of the songs you learn. Bring a drum or rattle if you have one. All singing levels are welcome.

Please arrive 5 minutes early so we may start on time:)

Donations are welcome but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

When you register, an email with the link & lyrics for the class will be sent to you 5-15 minutes after your purchase.

Please note: If you are purchasing this class but live in another country please use our address as your billing address: 97 Green Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

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