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Drawing on a lifetime of experience with vegetarian cooking, Mateusz Bazgier shares knowledge of how to cook curry and work with spices. Curry can be prepared countless ways: some like it hot, some like it mildly spiced. In this class we will learn how to cook a number of different styles of curry, including coconut-rich Thai curry, and the benefits and uses of many of the most common spices. We will also learn how to make rice the "old-fashioned" way, with a special technique Mateusz learned from his Polish grandmother.

While we cook, Mateusz will share:
- What is really healthy and what seems to be healthy but in fact it is not. 
- How to balance your diet depending on the season and your own constitution.
- Practical options for vegetarian and vegan diets.
- The connection between food and consciousness. 
- How to cook plant-based meals that taste great and fulfill your nutrition needs in a good way.
- Many tips that will improve your cooking skills in general.  

Best of all, dinner is included!

Teacher Bio
Mateusz Bazgier is a vegetarian and vegan chef, musician, and student of Maestro Manuel Rufino. He has worked in many restaurants around Europe and practices the study of diet as a way of healing and staying in good shape. Mateusz can be found sharing his knowledge about nutrition, taste combinations and many styles of vegetarian cooking.