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MEDICINE MUSIC FOR GUITAR (8 Class Series, Thursdays) with Michael Fisher


Thursdays, October 22 - December 10 (except Thanksgiving Nov. 26). All classes 7-8:30pm.

Michael Fisher playing Aguia Piou (The Hummingbird Song)

In this course you will learn how to incorporate the guitar into your spritual journey and play sacred medicine songs from many traditions. Learn basic theory, how to play simple songs as well as methods of practice. Starting with songs from a variety of musical styles, you will leave this class with a foundational repertoire that will launch you into the many realms of guitar playing. On the final night of the series everyone will have an opportunity to invite their friends or family and perform one or 2 songs in a very welcoming music circle.   

Michael Fisher playing Hymn to Santa Maria

Cost $20 per session or $120 for 8 weeks. All levels welcome.

Class Overview:

Week 1 How to tune the guitar, Learn 2 Major chords, Listening.

Week 2 Major Scale, circle of fifths, learn more major chords, intro to minor chords, play a simple song, more listening.

Week 3 How to change strings, intro to dominant 7th chord

Week 4 Review, introduction to right hand picking techniques, begin to learn "Dionisio" by Aguado

Week 5 The II-V-1 progression & why becoming familiar with jazz is helpful. Song study "What a Wonderful World".

Week 6 The benefits of jamming or spontaneous improvisation. Short jam session. Learning harmonic structure for accompaniment or soloing.

Week 7 Put into practice everything previously taught. Practice songs of choice. More listening.

Week 8 How to prepare for performance of medicine songs.

Teacher Bio

Michael began studying music at the age of 7 when he began taking piano lessons. Other instruments of study include bass and classical style acoustic guitar. His experience using different methods and approaches to playing and studying music has brought him to the belief that all music is an expression of life and that to share that expression and learn from it is always a valuable experience. As music theory and technique are valuable tools, it is equally important to understand that playing an instrument such as guitar can enhance one's sense of well being and cultivate a peaceful mind no matter what level the person is. Michael has played music from all over the world and enjoys sharing with children and adults. His practice of Native American music and healing songs contributes to simple and effective ways to engage one's natural creative process and apply it the guitar. He has traveled to Poland, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, and different parts of the U.S. as a musical pilgrim. His approach to music is specifically and generally for the purpose of enhancing spiritual life. Whether the goal is to master the guitar or just to enjoy the ability we all have to utilize music as a tool for meditation, personal learning, and growth, Michael is patient, generous, and willing to share what he knows so that others can learn how to play guitar and love it.