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WORLD RHYTHMS RETREAT with Adam Maalouf and AJ Block

Welcome to The World Rhythms Retreat, a full day of rhythms from around the world to expand your mind and inspire your music playing. This workshop is for any musicians who want to expand their rhythmic knowledge and capacity, especially didgeridoo players and drummers. If you want to take your playing to the next level or simply want to welcome the didgeridoo and hand drums into your life for the first time, this workshop is for you!

Adam and AJ demonstrate Malfouf, one of the most common middle-eastern rhythms, notable for its syncopated pulse.

This workshop will give you the feedback you need about your playing from a truly experienced team of people.

Workshop led by Adam Maalouf and AJ Block

Workshop led by Adam Maalouf and AJ Block

In The World Rhythms Retreat, you will learn these great musical skills: 

·      Developing a stronger sense of time
·      Combining multiple layers of sound
·      Incorporating the didgeridoo and drums in a world music context
·      Utilizing breath as a guide for music making
·      Playing with other musicians
·      How to integrate today's technology into composition and performance (Ableton Live, Effects, Loop Pedals, etc.)
·      The do's and don'ts of accompanying a vocalist or instrumentalist
·      The art of listening while playing
·      How to form a successful drum circle or ensemble


BONUS GIFT: When you sign up for The World Rhythms Retreat you will receive instant access to Didge Project's World Rhythms for Didgeridoo at no extra cost. This 45-minute class features some great introductory rhythms, which can be applied to any instrument. This will be a great way to prepare for the retreat and get the most out of your investment.

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