Beat Rockers is an after school beatboxing and music program for blind, visually and/or speech impaired students. By utilizing the art of beatboxing as a teaching tool for students to create music, we fundamentally transform traditional notions of what a music program should be. Rather than teach the students how to play instruments, students become both the musician and the instrument. In addition to cultivating confidence, communication, and self-expression, beatboxing also serves as a tool for speech therapy by helping students better achieve their communication goals as they find increased joy in vocalization exercises via the universal language of music. Beat Rockers after school program takes place every Monday & Wednesday until the end of June. Please contact for more info.

Lavelle School for the Blind is a multi-cultural educational institution that integrates students who are blind and have multiple disabilities, staff and parents in a challenging yet nurturing environment. The programs at Lavelle seek to educate the whole child through a combination of developmental and functional strategies. Dream Seed Shamanic Sound Healing group will be providing musical performances, classes and sound healing for the students of Lavelle beginning, Wednesday April, 19. until the end of the calendar school year.

The Sacred Arts Research Foundation is offering community service field trips for individuals and families who are looking to serve the greater community of New York. 

Among our interest to serve are; American Indian communities, war Veterans, environmental clean-up sites, community gardens, schools, elderly homes, state parks & public interest projects. Hearts for Humanity gives people an opportunity to connect with others who are in need of assistance. At the Sacred Arts Research Foundation we believe that local steps make globals movements. We look forward to cultivating a community that is excited to serve.