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Songs of the Winds: Healing Concert with Tito La Rosa and Tavo Castillo

  • Deepak Home Base: ABC Carpet & Home 888 Broadway New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

This concert will be held at Deepak Home Base @ Abc home

Tap into the sound of the Andes with Andean flute master Tito La Rosa and keyboard virtuoso Tavo Castillo. Visiting from their native land of Peru, La Rosa and Castillo have been playing together for over 20 years and have recorded numerous albums together, including “Ritual”, “Nasca” and “Antología”. 

La Rosa and Castillo weave acoustics, blending ancient ocarinas, feather panpipes, whistling vessels, conch shells, a wide variety of Andean flutes, percussion and keyboards, unifying the ancient and contemporary in a dialogue of times.

Artist statement: "We seek to create a musical space where the sacred can manifest, and so we can hear the voices of our spirit, our heart, our bones, and our ancient memory, embracing life and tradition.”

Cost: $40

Artist Bios

TITO LA ROSA is a descendant of Quechua Indians of the Peruvian Andes. For many years, he has been recovering and preserving, studying and intuiting the ancestral music of Peru. He is also a Curandero de Sonido, a sound healer, who enters into an altered state to bring forth sound that elevates, allowing for healing and balance to occur.

Ancient Andean wisdom teaches us that the earth was made while the creator sang, thus all beings are made of sound, rhythm and harmony. Through his concerts, flower ceremonies and music classes La Rosa helps reawaken our memories (memoria antigua) - weaving sounds into frequencies that open the heart and encourage the spirit to soar.

La Rosa has recorded with Mary Youngblood on the Silver Wave record label. His 2002 CD, "The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor," was nominated for a Native American Music Award, for Best World Music Recording.

OCTAVIO (TAVO) CASTILLO is a Peruvian musician with more than 35 years as a performing and recording artist. He is a founding member of Peruvian progressive folk rock band “Frágil” and the “Ritual” project with Tito La Rosa.