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Beading is an ancient art that spans across most traditional cultures around the world including the Native American traditions of South, Central and North America.  It has also been found in traditional cultures of Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. 

Beading is a powerful meditation that connects the heart and mind through the heart meridian of the hands.  Beadwork records the vibrational patterns of nature and consciousness and allows us to connect with the divine patterns that are within all things.  

In this full day class we will learn the basics of loom beading which is a very versatile and old technique that is found all over the world.  We will go over the many steps of creating a beadwork piece, from the intention that comes even before a creation is made, how to choose colors, how to begin and finish a piece, how to create different shapes with a simple loom beading stitch and how to plan a bracelet design.  Beads, thread and needles will be supplied for the class in basic colors.  If you would like to bring your own beads you are welcome to.  It is suggested to begin working with size 11 beads or larger if you are just beginning.  This way you can really see the pattern and how the beads are working together.  You can either use regular seed beads or you can use Miyuki delica beads.  We will provide a bead loom for each participant in the class which you will be able to purchase and take home if you’d like.

You are welcome to bring your own beads and loom as well.  

If you have any questions, please contact Brooke at:

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Brooke Flying Bear is actively involved with the Golden Drum, a cultural community center in Brooklyn, a member of the Initiatic College, and a student of Maestro Manuel Rufino learning the traditional Native American healing ways and sacred wisdom traditions.  She is part of the educational team for the Sacred Arts Research Foundation, teaching sacred song, sound healing and crafting. She is a visionary sound healer, song writer and song carrier of sacred music from all over the world including Native American songs from South, Central, and North America, Tibetan and Sanskrit mantra, African songs and more. Brooke is a founding member of Made In Prayer, a ceremonial lifestyle movement whose mission is to educate people about the sacred crafting practices of cultures all over the world.  M.I.P. embraces the practice of empowerment through creation of sacred items, clothing and celebratory rituals.  Brooke founded Flying Bear design as a space for her to create custom ceremonial pieces of art and jewelry. Each piece is an alchemical transmission, as she infuses her consciousness and healing practices into everything that she makes; made in deep meditation and prayer and is charged with special cosmic energy fields and crystal grids. She is currently working with Made In Prayer and Xango Shola to help spread these ancient crafts to her community and beyond.