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Chord-Scale Relationships: Guitar Class with Adrian DiMatteo

What do you think of when you hear “C Major”? Do you picture one of the first guitar chords you ever learned? Do you know why it’s called that, or what notes belong to it?

This class will teach you the deeper connections between notes, chords and scales and reveal how music literacy can empower your creativity. Together we will learn the C Major scale in one full position and practice the seven chords that come from it.

From there we will explore the relative minor key, “A Minor”, and how the interplay between Major and minor creates so much intrigue in the music we know and love.

Finally, we will apply these ideas to a song and experiment improvising with chords, scales and rhythms to open up new worlds of creative self-expression on the guitar.


Class Length: 2 hours

What to bring: A guitar or other related chordal instrument (teachings will be guitar specific but participants can apply these concepts to any instrument they wish)

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Adrian DiMatteo is an international performing and recording artist, music educator and sound healer with over 16 years experience in the music world. He performs original songs and carries sacred chants and mantras from ancient native, tribal, and indigenous cultures. He is the creator of “Guitar Handbook”, an iOS app for aspiring guitarists of all levels.
Adrian teaches guitar, voice, music theory, songwriting and the principles of sound healing. His workshops, lessons and private sessions draw upon both technical academic expertise and ancient spiritual knowledge passed down by elders of the traditions.