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Guitar Rhythms & Strumming Techniques with Adrian Dimatteo (Broadcast and in-person class)


Join us in a 2 hour guitar strumming & rhythms class. All levels are welcome. Please bring your own instrument. This class will be broadcasted LIVE so you can register and take this class from the comfort of your own home.

Learning the guitar can be divided into two hands. The left hand deals primarily with melody and harmony while the right hand focuses on rhythm (opposite for left-handed players). Strumming and fingerpicking are the two main techniques guitarists use to generate rhythms (as well as using picks). Learn how to use a metronome to practice patterns that improve your rhythmic confidence, flexibility and creativity.

If you’re feeling limited in your rhythmic vocabulary, this course will give you access to an infinite variety of rhythms to express in any style (i.e. Spanish, Folk, Gypsy, Blues, Reggae etc.). The principles taught in this course apply to all genres and will help you play more authentically whether alone or with others. 

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Time Signatures/Meters

  • Volume/Dynamics

  • Working up speed

  • PIMA (fingerpicking)

  • Traditional rhythms

  • Syncopation

  • Rhythmic notation

  • How to use a metronome

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Adrian DiMatteo is an international performing and recording artist, music educator and sound healer with over 16 years experience in the music world. He performs original songs and carries sacred chants and mantras from ancient native, tribal, and indigenous cultures. He is the creator of “Guitar Handbook”, an iOS app for aspiring guitarists of all levels.
Adrian teaches guitar, voice, music theory, songwriting and the principles of sound healing. His workshops, lessons and private sessions draw upon both technical academic expertise and ancient spiritual knowledge passed down by elders of the traditions.