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SMUDGE FAN Making Workshop

Ceremonial artistry is an ancient and alchemical practice that integrates the mind, the body and the spirit. Through powerful intention, skill and divine inspiration, the artist breathes life into his/her creation. Together we will develop the practice of prayerful art-making and build a tool of healing for your personal practice.

Bird feathers have been traditionally used for blessing, healing and purification by people from nations across this planet. Each person will create their own smudge fan and learn the skills that make these sacred tools profound allies.

In this four hour workshop you will learn specific techniques that will enable you to create a unique 2-feather smudge fan. We will develop a sanctified environment that promotes the creation of a sacred tool, and this requires a high level of focus and prayer.

The skills learned in this workshop will enable you to continue on your journey of fan making and empower yourself through artistic exploration.

All materials included. If you have any special items you would like to add, we encourage you to bring them.



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Shola is dedicated to developing pathways of peace and understanding by nurturing community building through education, service and healing arts, in harmony with the earths elements and her kingdoms. In the past 8 years she has been traveling the world with her teacher, Maestro Manuel Rufino and the Golden Drum Community in an effort to weave together an intertribal global community that embraces the transcendental path of wisdom, love, truth and knowledge of the eternal soul. 

Shola is the co-founder of the Sacred Arts Research Foundation, a NPO that provides educational programs that support the preservation of sacred arts traditions from around the world. She is an active member of the Golden Drum, a cultural community center for consciousness located in Brooklyn, New York. She is a devoted disciple of the Universal Initiatic College, learning the traditional healing ways of North & South Native spirituality, esoteric knowledge and sacred wisdom teachings. She is a member of Dream Seed Shamanic Sound Healing, a musical ensemble that tours the planet sharing transformative sound in an effort to heal, uplift and bridge cultures and communities together. Shola is the founder of Made in Prayer, a ceremonial lifestyle brand that creates traditional art and educational experiences that guide individuals to express the uniqueness of their own soul and heritage.