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MANTRA SADHANA: An Intertribal Cosmic Ritual

  • Sacred Arts Research Foundation 107 Green Street Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

“You are a cosmic flower. Chanting is the process of opening the psychic petals of that flower.” ― Amit Ray

In this gathering, we will draw upon various practices and rituals from the sacred traditions of humanity to co-create a ceremonial offering towards universal consciousness, ourselves and the planet.
We will use Sanskrit mantras, a Four Directions Altar, Sacred Songs, Meditation and Breath as a tool to direct our prayers and transform our seemingly chaotic worlds into a powerful abode of compassion, benevolence and peace.
This practice is meant to empower you in what feels to be dis-empowering times. It is an experience of connection and healing for ourselves, community and families.

As we activate our sacred altar we connect to all beings throughout the planet who are also sending intentional healing and hope through the vibrations of mantra, prayer and ritual. In this way, we become one, and a greater light is spread throughout the earth for generations to come.

Mantra Meditation
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What happens when we chant mantra?

Chanting mantra is an ancient technique known for its ability to evoke movement of the physical and emotional energy that we hold in our bodies. The vibrations and sounds of mantra are considered extremely important, and thus reverberations of those sounds are said to awaken kundalini, our spiritual life force.

When we awaken these forces we encounter our divine essence and all becomes possible. 

What will the class look like?

Participants will be guided through an immersive and ecstatic communal experience while gaining insight into the practical application of mantra japa. Participants should dress comfortably with the ability to both move and sit with ease.

Can I practice yoga before meditation?

You are welcome to arrive at 7pm for a yoga asana warm up. You will be guided through Yin postures, breath centering techniques and relaxation practices to help prepare you for a dynamic and focused mantra meditation.

$10-$20 suggested donation.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.  

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Amanda Capobianco has been studying the science of mantra for nearly 15 years ( in this lifetime). It is the first practice she was drawn to deepen beyond the physical practice of yoga and the one she recommends for everybody as a way to develop ones own practice of empowerment, self care and healing.

Amanda has traveled with her work to India, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, The United Arab Emirates and throughout the United States. She has studied under Laughing Lotus Founders Dana Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi, Mantra Expert: Thomas Ashley-Farrand, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati of the Shankaracharya lineage and Swami Umesh Yogiji of the Rishikesh School of Yoga. She is a dedicated student of recognized Taino Elder and Ceremonial Leader Maestro Manuel Rufino for whom she owes her eternal gratitude.