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Adèle & Zalem Didgeridoo Duet, Live at The Ark (Brooklyn, NYC)

  • The Ark 107 Green St. #G55 Brooklyn, NY 11222 (map)

Doors at 7pm, Concert at 7:30pm

Adèle & Zalem are a pair of musicians from France that masterfully orchestrate and perform modern beats on the ancient aboriginal instrument known as the didgeridoo. Drawing inspiration from house, dubstep, beatboxing and upbeat dance music, Adèle and Zalem travel the world sharing their sounds. You won't believe that what you are listening to is only two musicians on didgeridoos.

Though little more than a wooden tube in design, the aboriginal instrument known as the didgeridoo is traditionally made from termite-hollowed eucalyptus logs. Though it may seem simple, the didgeridoo can be used to create upbeat and melodic music capable of getting the crowd dancing.

At this debut New York City performance, Adèle and Zalem will perform original works from their two albums, “Pure Pulse” (2016) and “Urban Tree” (2013).

Tickets: $20 online / $25 at the door



ADÈLE AND ZALEM (France) have both played the didgeridoo since 2002. Always in search of the infinite possibilities which offer this instrument, they explore it through various musical universes: electronic music, jazz, world, hiphop and other styles.

In Grenoble of February 2013, during their first jam together, it was obvious that a duet needed to happen. This sparked a collaboration that continues to innovate with  original and surprising compositions. Adèle and Zalem have released two albums, 2013’s “Urban Tree” and 2016’s “Pure Pulse.”


ZALEM DELARBRE began to play the didgeridoo in 2001 with Denra dur, Ash dargan, Mark atkins and Gauthier as reference players. He first started with a wobble (breathing sounds) based style of playing and progressively developed his own style with rock and electronic music influences.

In 2007 he entered the band JMPZ (rock/electro/tribal), and recorded with them the third album of the band and started a national tour. Thanks to this, he gained his professional status and let down his Biology studies to dedicate his whole time to music.

After this Zalem joined many collaborative projects and has released numerous albums under his own name and his collaborations. Visit Zalem at


ADÈLE BLANCHIN is a young self-educated French woman who loves world music and is involved with numerous collaborations. 11 years ago she entered the world of Didgeridoo and she has never left since.

Through her numerous musical encounters, she joined the band Secret Vibes in 2003, where she also plays the Jews Harp. She also formed a group called “Yangbay” with two other musicians ( Luc heitz and Nicolas Derolin) called Yangbay : 2 didgeridoos mixing with oriental drums.

Adèle released her first solo album in April 2011 entitled, "Energetic Side". Visit Adèle Blanchin on Facebook.