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Mantra Sadhana: An Active Vibration Meditation

“You are a cosmic flower. Chanting is the process of opening the psychic petals of that flower.”  ― Amit Ray, Om Chanting and Meditation

Chanting mantra is an ancient technique known for its ability to evoke movement of the physical and emotional energy that we hold in our bodies. The vibrations and sounds of mantra are considered extremely important, and thus reverberations of those sounds are said to awaken kundalini, our spiritual life force.

When we awaken these forces we encounter our divine essence and all becomes possible. 

Participants will be guided through an immersive and ecstatic communal experience through the application of mantra ritual, guided meditation, breathing techniques and kirtan. Participants should dress comfortably with the ability to both move and sit with ease.  

 The mantras to be chanted throughout each evening will align with various aspects according to astrological alignments and the collective need given the time we live in.  

$10-$20 suggested donation. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.                                                                               




Amanda Capobianco 

Amanda has been deepening her love, study and practice of Mantra for over a decade. She considers herself lucky to have been in the same place and time as mantra extraordinaire Thomas Ashley-Farrand whose teachings first opened her heart to the great possibilities of mantra. After Amanda began experimenting with the practice, magical and powerful shifts begin to take place in her life. In 2011, upon returning home from a pilgrimage to India, she began leading her first series of mantra workshops embarking on a rich an rewarding path between teacher and student. 

From that point onward she continues to develop mantra workshops for all points of study from advanced yoga training courses to introductory level students. She has taught throughout India, The United Arab Emirates, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico giving proof that mantra is for everyone.

Amanda loves witnessing the transformation in her students when they begin chanting their way to liberation. She feels blessed to help guide people along the lighted path of mantra, meditation and manifestation.