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TaKeTina: A Moving Meditation Through Rhythm

Rhythm is joy and energy but also quietness and peace. It is the place where music and meditation meet to bring us in a space of timelessness. 

(A Three Session Workshop)

Developed in the early 1970s by Austrian musician and composer Reinhard Flatischler, TaKeTiNa is a structured group process for experiencing polyrhythm in the body and developing profound rhythmic orientation. explores the matrix of universal possibilities for rhythm from which all cultures draw. It is an experience in learning to be held by rhythm as a nurturing container rather than chasing and striving to get rhythm.

There are no previous requirements, TaKeTiNa is an invitation to go at your own pace, to make mistakes as part of the learning, to let go of mental activities for more body awareness, more trust, more laughter, more empathy; more life !

For a deeper experience of the TaKeTiNa’s benefits, we recommend you to be involved in the whole process. However, the workshop will be designed in a way that everyone could participate in a single session and get the most of it.


Taster session

Saturday 16th of April,  7pm - 9:30pm

Fee: $20


Deeper into the practice

Sunday 17th of April, 10:30am – 1pm

Sunday 17th of April, 2:30pm – 5pm

Fee: $30 one session, $50 the whole day


All Sessions (Sat and Sun)

Fee: $70


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Teacher Bio

Musician and facilitator, Baptiste Vaes has directed vocal ensembles and led singing and rhythm workshops for more than fifteen years. He is an accredited TaKeTiNa teacher, introducing people to this practice in Belgium and abroad.