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SACRED SONG STUDY with Leona Walker

Join us in an intentional study group every Wednesday for sacred song practice. Together we will create an environment that promotes the development and deeper learning of traditional sacred songs from around the world. Our goal is to implant these sacred chants in our hearts so that we can share them in prayer, personal practice and strengthen the sacred song community of New York. We will begin our classes always by honoring the directions; we ask that you come on time, so that we can open the space together in a good way.

**Guest teachers and community members lead this course.

This class will be led by Malia Kulp. MARCH 30. & APRIL 6.

**Please bring a journal and pencil so that you may keep a record of the songs you learn. All singing levels are welcome. Bring a drum or rattle if you have one.


***If you would like to take this class on YouTube Live please sign up on the website by giving your donation and a link will be emailed to you!***

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Leona Walker: Leona is a student of Maestro Manuel Rufino learning traditional native healing ways. She has been studying Navajo songs for over 7 years. She will be sharing simple straight songs that are traditionally song in Native American Church tipi prayers.