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SACRED SONG STUDY with Bitterwater Clan Elder Patrick Scott

It is an honor to invite Patrick Scott, Diné Elder & member of the Bitterwater Clan to come and teach the Sacred Song Study. Patrick is a master of the sacred arts and a ceremonial leader. He will be visiting the Sacred Arts Research Foundation and Golden Drum Community for a week and will be sharing various knowledge from his tradition. In this class Patrick will be sharing his knowledge of ceremonial songs from the Diné, ("Navajo") tradition. 

** We will not be offering this class on YouTube Live Stream.. Please come and visit our center for this special opportunity! ** 

To learn more about Patrick Scott please visit his website:

What is the Sacred Song Study?
The Sacred Song Study is an intentional study group every Wednesday for song practice. Together we will create an environment that promotes the development and deeper learning of traditional sacred songs from around the world. Our goal is to implant these sacred chants in our hearts so that we can share them in prayer, personal practice and strengthen the sacred song community of New York. We will begin our classes always by honoring the directions; we ask that you come on time, so that we can open the space together in a good way.