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Alfredo Zagaceta and Moises Llerena, two master visionary painters from the Peruvian Amazon visited our community last year with their spectacular shamanic paintings. Alfredo and Moises were trained from their teenage years onwards by the legendary shaman and world famous painter, Pablo Amaringo, in the unique visionary and mystical style of neo-amazonian art. 


Alfredo and Moises blessed us with a large body of their work and asked us to help them share their paintings with people across the United States. This will be the first time their paintings will be on display and for sale since last year when they visited. 

Alfredo and Moises also requested for us to help them share tapestries, clothing, and fabrics created by the Shipibo people of the Peruvian Amazon, a ancient shamanic culture that has retained a sacred relationship with the natural world, which they depict through their unique visionary and sacred geometric embroidery. 

There will be a sneak peak of Xango Shola's Made in Prayer handmade ceremonial clothing and shamanic fans. Shola just returned from a pilgrimage to Guatemala and has brought back with her brilliant fabrics which will be incorporated into her new line

We will also have various indigenous musical instruments such as handcrafted professional quality didgeridoos and custom shamanic drums for sale along with visionary beadwork, exotic incense, and more! 

Entrance is Free