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SACRED SONG STUDY with MICHAEL FISHER (Wednesdays 2/10, 2/17, 2/24 and 3/2; 7-8:30pm)

Painting by Martina Hoffmann

Painting by Martina Hoffmann

All classes are Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm

Join us in an intentional study group every Wednesday for sacred song practice. Together we will create an environment that promotes the development and deeper learning of traditional sacred songs from around the world. Our goal is to implant these sacred chants in our hearts so that we can share them in prayer, personal practice and strengthen the sacred song community of New York. We will begin our classes always by honoring the directions; we ask that you come on time, so that we can open the space together in a good way.

**Guest teachers and community members lead this course.

This class will be led by Michael Fischer February 10, 17, 24 & March 2.

**Please bring a journal and pencil so that you may keep a record of the songs you learn. All singing levels are welcome. Bring a drum or rattle if you have one.

***If you would like to take this class on YouTube Live please sign up on the website by giving your donation and a link will be emailed to you!***

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Teacher Bio

Michael began studying music at the age of 7 when he began taking piano lessons. Other instruments of study include bass and classical style acoustic guitar. His experience using different methods and approaches to playing and studying music has brought him to the belief that all music is an expression of life and that to share that expression and learn from it is always a valuable experience. As music theory and technique are valuable tools, it is equally important to understand that playing an instrument such as guitar can enhance one's sense of well being and cultivate a peaceful mind no matter what level the person is. Michael has played music from all over the world and enjoys sharing with children and adults. His practice of Native American music and healing songs contributes to simple and effective ways to engage one's natural creative process and apply it the guitar. He has traveled to Poland, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, and different parts of the U.S. as a musical pilgrim. His approach to music is specifically and generally for the purpose of enhancing spiritual life. Whether the goal is to master the guitar or just to enjoy the ability we all have to utilize music as a tool for meditation, personal learning, and growth, Michael is patient, generous, and willing to share what he knows so that others can learn how to play guitar and love it.