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DANCES OF UNIVERSAL PEACE with Malika Elena Salazar

Practice of The Dances of Universal Peace honors all the spiritual traditions of the planet, bringing a message of unity and respect for all the ways that human beings have to connect with the Sacred. These circular dances are traditionally done with musicians in the center of circle. Rooted in traditional Sufi movement; we dance honoring all the Spiritual traditions, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Native American, Islamic, Native Maori, and more.

Cost: $15-$25 Sliding scale donation

Video of The Dances of Universal Peace:

Danza Yemaya

Encuentro de Entrenamiento para Líderes de las Danzas de Paz Universal en la Ecoaldea la Atlantida - Colombia

Posted by Malika Elena Salazar on Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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Teacher Bio


Colombian by birth, Malika Elena Salazar has been initiated in the lineage of the Sufi Ruhaniat International. With formal training in Music, Literature, Transpersonal Psychology and Anthropology, she is mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace, flute player, performer and singer of sacred music of various mystical philosophies.

Malika participates as a guest teacher at different Sufi retreats in USA, Mexico and Colombia where she guides Dances of Universal Peace. She leads mantra meditation sessions and has shared her music in Healing Music Festivals. As a singer she supports different healing and consciousness awakening ceremonies. Malika has been an important steppingstone in the process of developing the Dances of Universal Peace in Mexico, where she mentors annual training camps. The dances and music she shares bring a universal message for humanity, one of respect and interconnection between all spiritual beliefs.