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FRAME DRUMMING: Rhythm of the City (Final Class) with Adam Maalouf

Every living thing abides by the rhythm of their own pulse, and is undoubtedly affected by the pace of the world surrounding them. The bustling city has a tempo that slows in the ice of winter, and rises in the warmth of spring. Get in touch with your own rhythm with global percussionist Adam Maalouf as he guides students through the world of rhythm on the Frame Drum. In this 6 class series, students will be exposed to concepts directed at developing a strong rhythmic foundation. The concepts discussed are essential to all musicians, yogis, and those that would like to gain awareness of the musical world around them. Even though the class is focused on the Frame Drum, the rhythms and ideas may be applied in a countless number of ways in both musical and artistic situations. Feel free to be creative in your application! * Classes are cumulative, so it is suggested that you attend the whole series.

Class 1 – Establish the Core – We will find and develop our rhythmic foundation via body percussion, vocalizations, and rhythmic communication. This will be followed by a hands-on demonstration of the basic sounds and techniques on the frame drums.

Class 2 – Arabic Rhythmic Patterns – We will focus on rhythms that are common in the countries of the Middle East and Northern Africa including Lebanon, Egypt, and Morocco. We will discuss Arabic rhythmic vocalization and how each syllable pertains to a stroke on the instrument.

Class 3 – Indian Rhythmic Cycles – Focus on the concept and application of Indian Rhythmic Cycles. We will discuss the Indian Vocal Percussion Tradition, known as “Konnokol” and how it can be applied to composing and improvising on our instruments.

Class 4 – Ensemble Creation – We will discuss how previously covered rhythmic material can be applied in an ensemble. We will learn techniques for listening and collaborating in order to generate fresh ideas between you and a larger musical group. This will include how to apply rhythmic concepts on melodic instruments (ex. guitar, cello, flute etc.)

Class 5 – Prepare Performance – After a short review, we will break into small ensembles to begin the creative application of the material covered in the program. Adam will guide students in composing and preparing original pieces for solo, duet, or ensemble.

Class 6 – Student and Teacher Performances – Students will have an opportunity to showcase the new concepts that they have incorporated throughout the program. Pieces may vary from solo, duet, or larger ensemble. This will be followed by a performance of original music by Adam Maalouf and colleagues in the NYC World Music Scene.

Teacher Bio

 Multi-Instrumentalist Adam Maalouf is a performer, composer, educator and musical messenger. As a specialist in world percussion, Adam produces his own music live and in the studio, in which he incorporates instruments such as the Hand Pan, cello, vocals, drum set, world percussion, marimba, and electronics.

      As an active teacher in New York City and beyond, Adam has given workshops and master classes in Middle Eastern Percussion, Indian Percussion, and cross-cultural percussion at The Eastman School of Music, The University of Rochester, Asheville Percussion Festival, and The Mendocino Music and Dance Retreat. He currently holds a residency teaching Cello and African Drumming to 8-12 year olds in Crown Heights,

       As a collaborator, Adam has worked with countless ensembles and renowned musicians, including Ensemble Signal, the National Arabic Orchestra, Farah Siraj, Andreas Arnold, The Hampton Brothers, Common Pulse, Jamey Haddad, Raquy Danzinger, Suzanne Sterling, Morley, Flames and Frequencies, Patriot Brass, Tom Rossi, The Asheville Percussion Festival Ensemble, Pallavi, The Gil Evan's Centennial Project and with many other talented musicians and projects.

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