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  • The ARk 107 Green St Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

Didge Project and Sacred Arts Research Foundation invite you to experience one of the most renowned modern didgeridoo players: Zalem! Making NYC the first stop on his North American tour, Zalem plays with a fusion of didgeridoo and beatboxing, with the exploration of the infinite possibility of this incredible instrument. With a wide range of modern dance music as inspiration, Zalem brings his audience into colorful, dynamic and mesmerizing worlds!

ATTENTION! THE CONCERT HAS BEEN MOVED TO  231 Norman Avenue (suite 511) in Greenpoint, Brooklyn--a beautiful temple space overlooking the city skyline. The workshops are still at the Ark at 107 Green Street apartment #G55

Please call (434) 242-1399 if you have any questions or are unable to find the spaces. Thank you! 


Saturday, August 1, 8-10pm

$15 cash only at the door

Advanced Didgeridoo Workshop
Saturday 9:30-12pm, 2:30-5pm
Sunday    9:30-12pm, 2:30-5pm

This workshop will give you tools to develop your unique didgeridoo style, expanding your playing possibilities and speed while making your playing more soft and relaxed. Zalem is a didgeridoo player from France known worldwide as one of the top performers in the modern didgeridoo style.

Cost: $150, Limited to the first 10 participants to register

This workshop will be divided into 4 parts:

The term “wobble” indicates the way of breathing by emptying the air you have in the mouth. It can be made by cheeks, tongue or jaws and all the combinations are possible… Wobbles are very useful for a groovy and fast style of playing, while staying very relaxed.

“Human beatbox,” the art of making music only with the mouth can be mixed with the didgeridoo. Beatboxing incredibly increases musical possibilities while developing the player’s creativity, sense of rhythm and muscles of the mouth.

Breaks and Composition:
How to create a groovy and dynamic rhythm pattern. How to compose pieces that  keep the audience focused. There are a lot of rules and musical knowledge which can help you to realize this while enjoying playing rhythmically.

Advice and advanced technique:
Advanced beatbox and wobble combinations, breathing with “snare in,” sound effects and Konokol (South Indian) rhythms.

Artist Bio:

Zalem began to play didgeridoo in 2001 with Denra Dur, Ash dargan, Mark Atkins and Gauthier as reference players. He first started with a wobble (breathing sounds) based style of playing and progressively developed his own style with influences from rock and electronic music.

In 2007 Zalem joined the band JMPZ (rock/electro/tribal) and dedicated his whole time to music. Since then he has played in many projects such as Wadhom, Milanga, Vibration Visuelle and Adèle & Zalem. Through these collaborations Zalem’s true style was developed: the use of beatboxing with the didgeridoo, a technique which he has helped spread during workshops and concerts, across the world.

Zalem’s solo project is dedicated to the fusion of didgeridoo and beatboxing, with the exploration of the infinite possibility of this incredible instrument. Through electronic music inspiration as HipHop, Dubstep and Drum and Bass, Zalem brings us in colorful, dynamic and mesmerizing worlds!