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Music Is The Medicine is a vibrant series that showcases virtuosic musicians, cutting edge research on sound and vibration, film, and sound healers, all with a profound connection to the human spirit. Each event is exquisitely curated to evoke the power of imagination, to ignite the creative fires of our passion, to engage the senses and bring each participant new knowledge and inspiration in the fields of sound, vibration, music and performance. Music is the Medicine is collaboration between theGolden Drum and the Sacred Arts Research Foundation to bring you the timeless medicine that is music.

CC Treadway is a classically trained sacred singer and songwriter. She weaves together stories, original songs and sound healing, bringing forth the healing energies of the angelic realms to connect with your soul. iLuminArias is an evening crafted to awaken the mystery of your longing, to awaken the light of your soul, and to sing you back to the original state of love that made you.

“The place where spirit and sound meet is the nexus point of creation. It is what ushers you into this world, and it is how you will leave. Your angels know your sacred note, and they sing is softly to you, through every particle of light in their being. This note, a universe of sound, awakens the memories of your eternal consciousness. It is exquisite, it is home. ” ~CC

“Wow, the resonance of your voice wraps up every cell of my body, I received a healing.” ~ Eugene Gant

“Mesmerizing, powerful voice.” ~ Robert Rocconi

“Your songs still echo through my soul. Your voice is amazing.” ~ Michael Bonilla

BIO: CC Treadway is a classically trained sacred singer and sound healer. She taps into the celestial planes of sound, infusing every note with the signature of the Divine. Her work as a healer has given her a profound understanding of how the body and soul respond to sound, especially when music and love come together. Her music weaves together classical, folk and the sacred through passionate emotions and layered harmonies - creating a rich, musical landscape from which to open the heart.

For the past decade she has been performing at sacred ceremonies and events all around the United States. She currently resides in Miami and sings with the Thom Sessa Invitational Choir, performing at churches and private events around Southern Florida.

“CC's show is not a traditional music show.The melodies are so sweet and so classical that your heart automatically hangs on to them. I feel myself being healed and guided to answers.  But mostly, I feel myself get in touch with my soul.  I feel at home and open.” ~ Joseph Eid