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Create your own intention doll, where you will plant seeds for the future with positive thoughts and wishes.

KimBa-Ji will provide you will all the materials, and some of her special treasures..  You are encouraged to bring your own sacred object to integrate with your Doll : crystals, fabrics, beads, feathers, etc Just make sure it can be sewn or glued in to a fabric.
101 sewing lessons will be giving to those in doubt and don´t worry we have glue guns!

This work is for EVERYONE men and women.
A great gift for the ones you love. It might be a great time to bring your mom, your brother or sister, a good friend for a nice bonding experience.

A few years ago, Kim Schneider aka KimBa-ji had the opportunity to connect with the non-profit organization Sankalpa: Art Journeys, an Art Therapy NGO located in India.

During her time there, she was introduce to her first Art Therapy project: The Affirmation Dolls, which forever touched her heart and later inspired her to develop the Intention Doll Workshop.This artistic exercise inspired most of KimBa-Ji´s creations of today by planting the seed to create by connecting with your inner self and with total intention.

Cost $65. Doll and materials are included.
10% of all income will be donated to Sankalpa.

Please make sure to sign up in advance so that she can prepare doll materials for you.

Teacher Bio:

Kim Schneider, aka KimBa-Ji, is a world traveler, unique treasure collector, artist and a designer based in NYC. She specializes in creating handmade Masks, Puppets,  Marionettes, and precious sacred objects, all inspired by her ability to understand the power of healing transmitted by the light of her creations.

She works closely with her Global community,  providing a safe space for intentional crafting, play time and empowerment through art for all ages and genders. KimBa-Ji has been blessed to share her workshops in the Middle east, Africa, India, South America  and the United States. KimBa-Ji puts intention into every stitch, unfolding the true self, revealing connection.