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Core Principles for Didgeridoo FREE Online Course

Core Principles for Didgeridoo is a FREE one-hour video course that will show you exactly what it takes to be able to play the didgeridoo with confidence and relaxation. Remove obstacles to your didgeridoo playing as we share the most effective approaches to practicing the instrument, learning circular breathing and incorporating new rhythms.

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Video will be released on or before Weds. March 18.

This hour-long video class will show you how to:

- Play with a great sound on didgeridoo
- Understand the anatomy of the respiratory system and how each part affects the sound of the didgeridoo
- Utilize rhythm to create more "musical" circular breathing patterns
- Incorporate various sonic elements to create a multi-layered didgeridoo sound.
- Expand beyond any “limitations” that you think you may have as a didgeridoo player

Don’t have a didgeridoo? You do not need to have a didgeridoo to take this course. In fact, all musicians can benefit by learning the techniques shared in this course and applying them to their respective instruments. This class is for all levels of didgeridoo players.

INSTANT BONUS GIFT: Register for Core Principles For Didgeridoo and receive instant access to our Didgeridoo Fundamentals Online Class (40-Minutes)!

Teacher bio:

AJ BLOCK is a didgeridoo player and teacher inspired by world music, yoga and spirituality. As director of Didge Project, AJ has devoted himself to making education of the didgeridoo accessible to all. Performing in a wide range of settings, AJ brings music to healing events, large-scale meditative gatherings, festivals and dance parties. AJ is a student of spiritual teacher Maestro Manuel Rufino and is a founding member of Sacred Arts Research Foundation in Brooklyn, NY.