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In this 6 hour class you will learn all the basics of navajo and tapestry needed to start you on your journey.  You will each receive a custom made wood hand held loom along with some starter weaving supplies and an instructional print out to take home so you can continue to work on your projects at your own pace.  

In this class we will cover warping your loom, weaving basic shapes and stripes as well as how to achieve various desired textures.  I will work with each of you individually to assure that you feel comfortable and confident with your basic weaving skills. This class is open to 10 people max to assure each person is on their way to weaving bliss. Classes fill up quickly so sign up soon!

*non-alcoholic beverages and snacks will be offered. Feel free to bring your own food and refreshments to fuel you through 6 hours of weaving 


10% of the Proceeds of this class go to the Navajo Relief Fund. The NRF's approach is to help Navajo communities improve the quality of their lives by providing opportunities and aid with, employment, disaster relief, home repair, food assistance and education.  


** If you bring a friend to this class you will receive a %10 cash rebate the day of the workshop **

Nadia Yaron Bio

Nadia is the co-owner of the furniture, textiles and interior design firm Nightwood. She is passionate about weaving and is particularly inspired by Native American and Moroccan textiles. She first started weavning in 2007 on her own accord to make her first Navajo inspired rug. She has since learned ikat weaving, tapestry weaving and weaving on various floor looms. One of her favorite parts about weaving is the introspective process of interlacing the weft through the warp in a repeated rhythmic pattern. She finds the process of weaving meditative and healing and hopes to share this peace with others.

Please visit to view her and her partners work