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SACRED SONG STUDY with Kahu Oli Lae O'o, Kris Kato & Special Guest

Kris Kato is a Hawaiian chant practitioner who has achieved the title, Kahu Oli Lae O`o, having completed the `uniki rites of the Edith Kanaka`ole Foundation under the direction of Dr. Pualani Kanaka`ole Kanahele. 

In Fall 2015, his apprenticeship with Dr Pualani Kanaka`ole Kanahele culminated with a presentation of Pagan Pride III and the Hawaiian oratory arts at the National Opera Center in New York City. Kris is the founder and leader of Hui O Kaulana Mahina NYC, a New Moon men's group for Hawai`i expats living in New York City. Kris has practiced leading traditional `awa ceremony in New York City for Hawai`i's hidden national holiday La Hoihoi Ea. Kris has danced and performed for Hui O Na Lehua Melemele and the Kumu Hula Ma`iki Aiu Lake genealogical hula tradition. In the early 2000s, Kris participated in Makahiki ceremonies on the island of Kaho`olawelll under the auspices of the Protect Kaho. Kris received his Hawaiian Studies degree from the I Ola Haloa Center for Hawai`i Life Styles in Hilo, Hawai`i. As a high school art student, Kris lead cultural preservation and historic restoration efforts for ancient sites on campus, Kauiomanoa and Wailele Spring. Born and raised in Hawai`i, Kris spent his childhood with legendary figures in the Hawaiian music scene through his producer father Nick Kato. Kris continues his Hawaiian chant practice in New York City.


Sacred Song Study
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