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***CLASS #2 has been postponed (there will be no class on 11/21)***


Join us for two classes on November 14 & November 21,  (4pm-7pm) for personal journeys and art making. Explore your multi-dimensional self, access past history, present knowing and inner wisdom. Integrate the journey with the sacred art practice of Mandala making.

As evolving souls, we understand that our work on earth is to heal ourselves and emerge into our light nature. Hypnosis is a powerful tool to explore this intent. In a relaxed semi-consciousness state we quite the mental mind and invite the subconscious mind to connect with the multi-dimensional you. The subconscious/higher mind offers exactly what we needed to support us in our expansion. In workshop #1 we will connect with the inner child.  Offering your love and connection to a younger part of you can releases unwanted patterns and increase power and confidence in your adult life. Connecting to the inner child awakens the presence and energy of your wonder-child archetype - the part of you that knows belonging and is held by spirit. This part of you often has ideas and inspiration to support your highest path and purpose. When the wonder child is empowered and integrated we experience more magic in our daily life and a renewed sense of of presence,vibrancy and freedom.

In a safe and sacred manner, I will gently guide you to relax and bypasses the mental mind and ego to enter a dynamic hypnotic journey for inner exploration. In workshop #2 you will be guided into a past life regression. I will guide you in recalling and healing the root cause of a present situation and release karmic patterns. In addition, you can go back to a lifetimes for the purpose of resourcing and connecting to power, talents, feelings and gifts you possessed in other lives. Creating a deep hypnotic state paired with a willingness to trust your subconscious, allows for a rich and revealing experience to emerge. The images, sounds, feelings and/or knowing that surface are the entry-points to content needed for the intended healing or inquiry. Trusting what is reveled helps create understanding of your present situation and cultivates shifts. Past life regression connects us with our larger intent as evolving souls and is a gateway to deepen the curiosity and gratitude for our current life. 

Following your journey materials will be set up to record feelings, images and insights in a peaceful session of mandala making.

Mandalas are believed to be the Architecture of Enlightenment. Create a work of your own, a touchstone of your journey, a gift for your self and the world. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote, "My mandalas were cryptograms…in which I saw the self—that is, my whole being—actively at work." As we move more deeply into the spiritual transformation of the Earth, every bit of creative awareness is a gift to all beings. The making mandalas is expansive for personal and collective consciousness.  
All materials are included and no experience is necessary, all that's required is an open mind and heart!


Professional Bio Elizabeth Traina is a holistic life-coach, regression hypnotherapist, reiki healer, working artist and award winning muralist.  She has lived and contributed to programs in the San Francisco Bay Area, New Orleans and Brooklyn. Early in Elizabeth's career she rooted in a civic-engaged public practice, utilizing art as a vehicle to support movements for social change.  Her passion for spiritual development is integrated into her community based endeavors.  Elizabeth has integrated mindfulness practices in her art-based community building workshops and trainings to hundreds of participants nation-wide. In addition to her formal art and education training in New York, Vermont and Italy, over the past fifteen years Elizabeth has worked closely with master healers and trained with Michael Newton Institute for Hypnotherapy Regression Therapy and is a certified Reiki Healer. Currently Elizabeth resides in Brooklyn, NY where she holds a private healing practice working with clients and groups. In addition, Elizabeth maintains an active studio art practice where she explores themes relative to personal and collective spiritual awaking. She creates paintings and installation artwork as an instrument for discovery and renewal.