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  • The Ark 107 Green St. #G55 Brooklyn, NY 11222 USA (map)

For thousands of years tantric seers have observed the powerful influence of the planets on the human spirit. Indian astrology, has long understood that while the energy released by the orbiting planets affects our lives, it is also an energy that can be directed and harnessed to improve our spiritual, mental and physical well being.

Mandalas, sacred circular energy patterns reflect our inner nature. Using an ancient number grid, the Vedic Square, an infinite amount of shapes and patterns are created to form a beautiful mandala based on your specific planets. By working with specific colors and mantras, this meditative painting practice will connect us to the deeper energies of the planets, creating more harmony, peace and energy. A basic overview of Indian numerology, coming from Jyotish, will help students have a better understanding of the qualities of the planets and how to know the influence of the numbers and planets on one’s life.

In this course you will learn the role of colors and planets,how to use the Vedic Square to create Mandalas, how to make a Mandala based on your personal numerology to receive maximum benefit and harmony with that planet and the recitation of Planetary Bidj Mantras, that correspond to your numbers and planets.

Teacher Bio:

Mavis Gewant, M.A., is a sacred artist, mother, educator and doula. She learned the ancient techniques of yantra and deity painting from Tantric Master Dada Shri Harish Johari, studying with him and serving as his personal assistant for more than twenty years. Dadaji encouraged her to teach this knowledge and requested her to illustrate his last book, Planetary Meditation Kit, which contains yantras and mantras of the planets. 

A practitioner of Vedic Astrology and an experienced teacher of many subjects, Mavis is one of only a few persons living in the US, with over two decades of training in this sacred art, combined with the devotion to teach others. Her sadhana consists of painting yantras and deities and helping others through this transformational art form. Mavis has a Masters Degree in Pre & Perinatal Psychology from the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. She uses Mandalas and Meditation to help women heal from birth trauma and to prepare for birth. She is also a birth educator, doula trainer for Birth Arts International and works as a doula specializing in post-partum care and labor support. 

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