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Ceremonial artistry is an ancient and alchemical practice that integrates the mind, the body and the spirit. Through powerful intention, skill and divine inspiration, the artist breathes life into his/her creation. Together we will development the practice of prayerful art making and build a tool of healing for your personal practice.

Bird feathers have been traditionally used for healing and purification by peoples from nations across this planet. These fans are used ceremonially with sacred herbs to purify the body and your environment; and help prayers ascend to Great Spirit. Each person will create their own fan and learn the skills that make these sacred tools precious and beautiful.

Fan Making is an art form that takes a lot of time and dedication to complete. In this two day intensive course you will learn specific techniques that will enable you to create a unique and deeply personal fan for your walk in life. We will develop a sanctified environment that promotes the creation of a sacred tool, and this requires a high level of focus and prayer. We will begin our class always by honoring the directions; opening the space by asking permission from spirit, and making offerings to all creatures that made sacrifice in order to create these powerful fans of healing.

Feathers will be provided or you can bring your own. Please notify the instructor about your needs, and if you will be needing feathers.

Cost: $225



Workshop Begins Saturday at 10am-6pm & Sunday 10am-8pm

All Materials Included. 

We will take breaks for lunch and dinner. Please bring your own snacks, and money for dining out.


Shola is a disciple of Maestro Manuel Rufino and an active member of The Golden Drum, a cultural community center in Brooklyn New york, a member of the Initiatic College, and currently works at the Sacred Arts Research Foundation. Shola's mission is to be in service to the preservation of the sacred traditions of the earth and enrich communities through education and service. She is a song carrier & drummer; singing traditional songs from around the world and has been weaving music, art and native healing practices to empower the human heart towards a more gentle, peaceful and purposeful existence. Shola has been studying ceremonial artistry for the past 7 years; creating sacred objects and ceremonial clothing as well as everyday clothing with a seed of powerful intention planted within each of her creations.  She has been given the blessing by her teacher Maestro Manuel Rufino to study and share the knowledge of ceremonial artistry and prayer fan making.  She is the director of  Made in Prayer, a collective that empowers communities by hosting educational programs that guide you through prayerful art making. Made in Prayer is also a brand that identifies products that are made with intention and purpose.