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A Six-Month Study in Musicality for Didgeridoo Players

January Through June 2015

Live in New York City and Online Worldwide

Welcome to The Didgeridoo Musicianship Program, a course designed to help you develop a high level of musical skill on the didgeridoo. This program is led by AJ Block, co-founder and director of Didge Project.

The Didgeridoo Musicianship Program is where we give you everything you need to shine as a didgeridoo player and a musician.
Through a series of group classes, private lessons and online audio and video resources, you will see your playing skyrocket to new heights. The Didgeridoo Musicianship system draws on many musical education systems to give you a well-rounded approach to musical instrument performance. Through an integration of world rhythm, melody and harmony your voice on the didgeridoo will grow into something uniquely your own.

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In addition to the benefits of learning the didgeridoo, members of our programs typically experience a positive, ripple effect of enjoying an increased abundance of confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and greater joy. Didgeridoo Musicianship is more than just a “program,” it’s a way of believing in yourself that benefits you in many ways and is designed to help you:

  • Strengthen your rhythmic abilities
  • Play with other musicians
  • Refining the quality of your sound
  • Integrate vocal technique into your playing
  • Learn to play longer on the didgeridoo
  • Breathe deeper
  • Expand your lung capacity
  • Reduce and eliminate symptoms of sleep apnea, snoring and other respiratory conditions
  • Channel stress into a positive outlet
  • Explore meditation through sound

The Didgeridoo Musicianship Program Includes:

Six private didgeridoo lessons with AJ Block: Live in NYC or via Videochat Worldwide
We meet monthly to work on anything that you need as an individual, whether its musical development, circular breathing technique or anything that you want to learn.

Six group didgeridoo classes with AJ Block: Live in NYC or Online Worldwide
Each class blends in-depth training, exercises, practice regiments and multifarious approaches to get to the goals of didgeridoo playing including: circular breathing, playing with a beautiful tone, and rhythmic playing. This new and exciting format is designed to help you understand at a deep level how to move your playing forward by quantum leaps instead of by incremental steps. Expect to be challenged and supported as we guide you to create a plan of action for your development as a didgeridoo player.

MP3 audio recordings of all classes

All in-person classes will be recorded and provided for your download and listening access. They are yours to keep forever.

Course textbook

You will never be at a loss for what to practice because all exercises will be provided for you in written format. These worksheets show you exactly what steps to take in what order to master the technical side of didgeridoo playing. 

Video Library

Exclusive videos of each featured technique, updated monthly with each class. This video library is only available to participants in our program.

EXCLUSIVE Online Forum

This is a highly valuable opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, share resources, run ideas past each other and further develop your network.

BONUS #1: Complementary admission to Didge Project’s Full-Day NYC Retreat, Spring 2015.

BONUS #2: Access to Didge Project's Circular Breathing Mastery Course.
This program will help you move beyond the foundational techniques of didgeridoo playing and give you everything you need to master circular breathing. Available instantly with your registration for Didgeridoo Musicianship.

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