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Sacred Arts Research Foundation, Golden Drum and Didge Project will join the 16th Annual New York Shamanic Circle in Central Park on Sunday, October 12 from 1 to 6pm.


16th Annual


Celebration of Spirit

Sunday, October 12th, 2014 

At: The Great Hill

(bet. 103rd-106th Streets - enter from the West Side)

Trains: #1 - C to 103rd.

1pm – 6 - Rain or Shine


The gathering is an invitation for all to access the shaman within, deepen our connection with spirit and our community. 


Come share food with our community, participate in ceremonies of many shamanic traditions, drum, sing, dance, journey to the spirit world and help us shapeshift our world.


2014 Presenters:

Itzhak Beery - Co-founder NY Shamanic Circle

Kalpulli Yayauhki Tezcatlipoca - Mexihka Dance Group

Maestro Manuel Rufino and the Golden Drum

Olivia Olkowski - Peruvian Andean tradition

Joe Monkman - Shamanic Teacher & Healer

Irma StarSpirit Woman & Judy Caban – Water Ceremony

Adam Kane - Native American Tradition

Susana Tapia Leon – Ecuadorian Shaman

Eliana Carlson - Tensegrity- Carlos Castaneda's Movements

John Lockely – Sangoma, South African Shaman 

Anankele Group - Peruvian music with Marimba

Didge Project - AJ Block & special Guests


Member of the NY Shamanic Core Circle: 

Itzhak Beery, Irma StarSpirit Woman, Sarah Eve Cardell, Naz Fontanilla,

Sage Logan, Justin Nathan, Olivia Olkowski, Cris Parque, Andrea Takacs, Joe Monkman Rob Murphy.

And other local and indigenous shamans and musicians


Please note that the schedule of participants may change.


For our potluck picnic, please bring food & non-alcoholic drinks.

Also bring a rattle/drum, a notepad and pen/pencil, bandana blanket/mats, warm clothing.

Feel free to bring flyers, brochures or business card to share with our community.

Volunteers needed. Please email us.

The event is free/donations. Children and pets are welcome!

For more information call 212-533-0909 or e-mail

Visit our website: